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Shank meat is quite lean and very flavorful making a great stew and dishes such as beef bourguignon.  It is a cheaper cut of meat and found on the leg of a cow, to and above the knee (hock).  It is recommended to cook these low and slow, similar to a roast.  You won't be disappointed.
At CD&J Mini Ranch we raise Angus beef on our 35 acres outside San Benito, Texas. Our beef is Certified Naturally Grown and raised without hormones, additives, or antibiotics. We process our animals through a USDA and state certified processor in Poth, Texas. Our beef shanks are a rich in flavor meat that I fall off the bone when cooked. The bone marrow it contains also has several health improving compounds, linked to better skin health, decreased inflammation, and improved joint function.
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Beef Shank/ Hocks

1 Pound
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