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  My right hand, Morgan and her husband were transferred, I will miss all our conversation and seeing her little man (Beau), grow up. Pretty soon there will be another little man Cash… On a brighter note, I have hired a new Assistant. Meet Jessica! She is from Harlingen, a veteran from the US Army and we are thrilled to have her here. We’ve been super busy here at CD&J Mini Ranch, cleaning chicken coops, repairing water lines, replacing fencing, removing excess hay, building more raised beds, we just finished planting lots and lots of summer vegetables. We have Nigerian Dwarf Goats and Mini Nubian babies on the ground, they are so adorable. We also are Looking forward to our Spring Open Farm Day on May 25th, from 10 am to 3 pm. Come see our Farm, and all our new babies, it’s FREE. We finished our cool room where we store all our meats in freezers, our eggs and freshly harvested vegetables. It is wonderful to be able to go to one place for packing our Protein Packs and vegetables and where it will be cool this summer! Thank you for your business. We really appreciate you. Live Local, Buy Local!

 At CD&J Mini Ranch we are well on our way to our Summer planting. We still have several late Spring vegetables in the ground that include 3 types of onions, 2 varieties of garlic, a variety of lettuce, lemon grass and several herbs that we harvest and sell fresh and freeze dry into dried herbs and powders. We harvested the last of our carrots to can, cilantro, and fennel to freeze dry. We will powder many of our vegetables so that I can add them to my recipes. My family will get extra vitamins and minerals & they won’t even know that they are getting an extra boost of nutrition. They are wonderful in soups too. We have gotten a jump on our spring planting by planting inside using our grow lights and heat pads. We should have an abundance of tomatoes. Last year our tomato harvest was pitiful. We all love fresh tomatoes and last year I had to buy my tomatoes… This year I hope to make up for that and to be able to sell many and then pressure can some pasta sauces, powder some, and dehydrate the remainder. We have also planted eggplant, more lettuce, potatoes, squash, sweet and hot peppers. We will succession plant all through the season. We started our cucumbers, watermelon, cantaloupe, melons, okra and sweet corn. We are hoping by getting a good start and possible with a cooler spring and some rain, our garden will blossom. ANNUAL OPEN FARM DAY! 5 Come Join us in celebrating our Annual Spring Open Farm Day. It’s our growing and calving/kidding season & It’s FREE! Saturday, May 25, 2024 10 am to 3 pm 956 456-9600 29575 Adams Rd., San Benito LEARN MORE HERE:

At CD&J Mini Ranch, we believe in giving all we can in customer service. Being a small business our family does it all ourselves with some help from our part-time helpers. We are still learning and working out kinks and we so appreciate your patience. We are working on changing out our Food4All store to our website store so we should be able to control deliveries and inventory better. When you go to our website to order a Protein Pack or product, you will see the difference. We hope it is an easier experience for you but please call 956 456-9600 if you have questions. Thank you for your business.


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