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$485 payment in full or 8 payments of $62.00. 

All meat weights vary, so below lists the approximate weights you will receive each bi-weekly delivery:
2 lbs. Ground Beef 
2 lbs.  Pork chops, Ham steaks, Sausage, etc.
1 lbs. Beef steak, Round steak, Sirloin, etc.
1 Chicken
1 dozen Farm Fresh Eggs


At CD&J Mini Ranch we have several Subscription Protein Packs to choose from or you can just choose the individual cuts of meat that you like best under the individual cuts, but our Protein Packs will save you money over the individual cuts and is the most economical way to get locally raised, Certified Naturally Grown beef, pork, chicken, and eggs. If we are low or run out of a protein item, we will substitute with another.  All proteins are subject to availability.

#4 - Custom Protein Pack

Price Options
#4 - Custom Protein
$62.00every 2 weeks for 16 weeks
One-time purchase
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