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CD&J Mini Ranch offers a retreat like environment on the Curates lake outside San Benito, Texas, with Work & Learn education Opportunities, tent camping, dry trailer camping and day gatherings, (Agritourism), which includes school Field Trips, family reunions, office functions/parties, and large group gatherings. Here you can BBQ, fish, play games, see, feed, & pet miniature cows, Nigerian Dwarf dairy goats, Kunekune pigs, Pilgrim geese, Buff ducks, a variety of over 150 chickens, guinea fowl, cats and farm dogs. They have picnic tables and large shade trees to picnic under. It's a perfect retreat area, quiet and secluded

Farm Gatherings & Functions

Our Farm gatherings and functions start at 2 hours long and include our farm tour, petting and feeding our farm animals, to include Kunekune pigs, Nigerian Dwarf & Mini Nubian goats, ducks, turkeys, peacocks, chickens, miniature cows, our big guardian dog Jack and lots of barn cats.  Your guests will also be able to milk a goat, gathering eggs, and go on a hay ride as long as time permits.  There are also many picture opportunities.

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Dry camping, involves camping in an RV, motorhome (with holding tanks in your vehicle) or in a tent.  There are no hookups (no electricity, cable, sewage or water) for your RV or motorhome.  CD&J Mini Ranch does have potable water and assessable flush toilets. At CD&J Mini Ranch they offer a quiet, non-traditional camp sites on their 35 acre farm, where you can play or work with the animals, fish, and relax. Camping periods are usually for one to three nights. Check us out for pricing.

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School Field Trips

Our school field trips are all about kids having fun, learning about the care and feeding of farm animals and getting to know the animals.  We also teach about planting and gowing crops in the High Tunnel. Our Field Trips start at 2 1/2 hours and consist of age appropriate learning, fun and activities.  We start the kids out with a tour of CD&J Mini Ranch Farm/Ranch, they will see, touch, hold and play with a variety of farm animals of all ages.  Their experiences of collecting eggs, milking a goat, practicing roping, picking or planting vegetables is irreplaceable and educational.  They'll be taking about this for months after school is out. 

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CD&J Mini Ranch is excited to provide an array of Work & Learn classes for 2022-23, and they are putting the finishing touches on their Work & Learn schedule. We will also be offering Farm to Table cooking classes, along with hands on demonstrations from local farmers, cooks, butchers, & guests. All in the name of transparent farm education. The Work & Learn series of classes is for you to volunteer your time with CD&J Mini Ranch, learn as you volunteer, and earn the funds needed for the classes that you want to take. 

These classes help community members gain a more comprehensive understanding of sustainable meat & vegetable consumption and their production.  It also is an eye opener for becoming an active participant in the local farm & ranch community.

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What's New

What's new at CD&J Mini Ranch will be posted here. 

We are working hard on our fall garden.  Information and pictures are above on the NEW.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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