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At CD&J Mini Ranch we specialize in a variety of sustainable proteins and vegetables.   These include pastured pork, grass-fed beef, free-range chickens, seasonal turkeys, along with farm fresh eggs.  We offer a Protein Pack Subscription which is available in several sizes. Each size offers a variety of protein products to meet different customers' desired selections of meats, how much and how often is your choice. You can learn more about our Protein Packs here.

One of the most common questions CD&J Mini Ranch receives from prospective customers is, “What is a Protein Pack CSA?” For those who are completely new to the concept, CSA stands for Community Supported (or Shared), Agriculture. It is a program designed to create a symbiotic relationship between farmers and their neighbors or community members. The farmers benefit from the local economy and the community benefit from the freshest, locally grown beef, pork, chicken, eggs, and vegetables.


It is a growing concern for many people, especially now, to know where their food comes from and that it is grown locally, that it is of high quality, and grown in an ethically and environmentally responsible way. 

We have been raising Kunekune pigs for the past eight years but are gradually transitioning over to the Idaho Pasture Pigs (IPP).  Idaho Pasture Pigs are a new breed of pig composed of Duroc, Old Berkshire, and Kunekune pigs, and  are specifically designed to grow and mature at a faster rate than the Kunekune pigs. These pigs mature to market weight within about 9 to 10 months (eating primarily grass & hay) and they eat less grain than the average meat hog does. Butcher weight is about 230-250 pounds.  As much as we have enjoyed our Kunekune pigs, which means 'fat and round' in the Māori language, they are a slow growing pig.  It takes approximately 18 - 20 months for them to get to a good butchering weight and they are smaller than other breeds including the IPP, rarely reaching 220 pounds.  One of the reasons we chose to start raising IPP is because this breed is also known as the grazing pig and are extremely efficient on pasture. The IPP, like the Kunekune is a versatile, unique breed. The quality of meat is excellent and their friendly, easy going nature make them a pleasure to raise and be around.  The IPP produce a rich, red marbled meat.  All breeder sows and bores are DNA tested and registered through the have Pasture Pig Society. 

At CD&J Mini Ranch we raise Black Angus cattle and last year we purchased our first F2 Wagyu bull (75% Wagyu) from Foley Ranch in Brownwood, Texas.  Foley Wagyu Ranch is a member of the Texas Wagyu Association and raise Black Angus Wagyu cross cattle.  This cross produces an excellent quality of beef, which we eat as well as sell.  We are very excited about the quality of our meat and really look forward to sharing what the Wagyu bull will do to our breeding program.  Our animals are processed at a USDA and state of Texas Certified Processor and all our meat cuts are vacuum sealed and flash frozen.

We raise American Bresse Chickens sometimes called La Bresse Gauloise Chickens.  These chickens are originally from France. They have the color of the French & American flag, by having blue legs, a red comb, and white feathers/body. We also raise the Cornish Cross everyone's favorite meat bird. Together these birds make a delicious treat for your taste buds.  Free range, locally raised, and fresh to your table.  These birds are processed every 6 weeks.  Be sure to order yours early.

The Rhode Island Red chickens make up most of our egg layers.  We are phasing out our Issa Brown hens mainly because they lay huge eggs that won't fit in a standard egg carton.  Our hens are free range and have access to our large pond, bugs, sunshine, fresh fruit and vegetables from our garden and all things that a chicken like. Most of our hens lay brown eggs and a few white egg layers. We have a hand full of colored egg layers, mostly blues and greens and they are still fun to see in the nest boxes when we gather eggs.  All farm fresh eggs taste the same no matter what color they are.  So, enjoy some green eggs and ham!​

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