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At CD&J Mini Ranch  our pork is USDA and State Certified and we are Certified Naturally Grown.  Our pork shoulder steaks are a red meat with marbling throughout. We raise Kunekune pigs and Idaho Pasture Pigs (IPP) for their superior flavor and smaller size.  These breeds are a meat & lard pig which gives this pork it's great flavor. Our steaks are cut thick but because our pigs are smaller our steaks are about a pound and one half each.  So, we sell them by the package instead of by the pound. So please keep this in mind when ordering. Minimum $30 order for free delivery.
It takes 18 months for these heritage Kunekune pigs to reach full processing size and approximately weigh 160 to 200 lbs.  Our IPPs take less time because they are a registered cross between the Duroc, Old Berkshire, and Kunekune pigs.
Our pork shoulder steak has a deep rich color and a delicious taste perfect for baking in the oven or putting in the slow cooker until it is fall apart tender. We feel that they are superior pigs in quality and have an outstanding flavor. Our pigs are a true grazing pig and spend their days out in the sun, looking for mesquite beans, eating our home-grown hay and grazing or wallowing in our large pond. This results in more complex flavor and a higher level of Omega-3s.

Pork Shoulder

1 Pound
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