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Our fresh unsmoked Ham Shanks are meaty and come from the area of the pig just below the hip bone.  It contains a considerable amount of collagen which adds richness to whatever recipe you make.  It requires a long cooking time either braising or stewing to break down the meat.  You can cook these fresh unprocessed pork shanks the same way you would cook lamb or beef shanks.  Serve it along some beautiful whole grain rice ,creamy white beans and sautéed greens, they will make a wonderful, healthy meal for you and your family.
At CD&J Mini Ranch, our pork is USDA and State Certified and we are a Certified Naturally Grown farm.  Our pork is a very red meat, almost as red as beef.  It provides juicy and flavorful meat when cooked. We feel that our pork is superior in quality and has an outstanding flavor. Our pigs are true grazing pig and spend their days out in the sun, looking for mesquite beans, eating our home-grown hay and grazing or wallowing in their large pond. This results in more complex flavor and a higher level of Omega-3s.
Our Protein Pack subscribers receive free delivery in the RGV.  There is a minimum order of any $30 purchase required for non-subscribers.  Enjoy!!

Ham Hocks & Shanks

1 Pound
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