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At CD&J Mini Ranch, we offer top-quality Beef Fat, Suet & Tallow for all of your cooking and baking needs. Our beef suet comes from the hard fatty part of the cow that surrounds the kidneys, providing a rich source of fat and flavor. Once rendered down, our beef tallow is the pure, creamy white fat that results from heating the suet, perfect for making traditional dishes like Yorkshire pudding or for frying up some delicious crispy fries. Both suet and tallow have been used for generations as an energy source, baking ingredient, and as a cooking oil. Whether you're looking to add richness to stews and soups or create flaky and flavorful baked goods, our Beef Fat, Suet & Tallow is a must-have in the kitchen. Experience the difference in taste and quality with our all-natural beef products sourced from our own ranch.

Beef Fat, Suet & Tallow

1 Pound
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