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Egg Subscription -  Paid Bi-weekly $8.76 for 2 dozen.

At CD&J Mini Ranch we have added an EGG - ONLY SUBSCRIPTION Pack for those customers who want more eggs with their Protein Pack.  You must have already signed up for any protein pack from CD&J Mini Ranch to order here.  There is a 2 dozen minimum.
At CD&J Mini Ranch we have pasture raised, non-GMO, Rhode Island Red hens that we raise from chicks.  Our eggs are ungraded which means they are all sizes.  The smaller are usually from our youngest layers and the largest are from the experienced hens. Our hens are happy and healthy and you can tell that in the quality of the egg.

#9 - Egg Subscription - Only Eggs paid bi-weekly

Price Options
#9 - Egg Subscript
$8.76every 2 weeks for 16 weeks
One-time purchase
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