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Spring on the Farm

Updated: May 17

Our Springs last a couple days here in the Rio Grande Valley so we are already for summer. Those cool days are over and we have already hit over 100 degrees over 4 days and my animals, garden and I are feeling it. We have gotten a couple nano seconds of rain. We received 3/4 inch a couple days ago then today we had a couple seconds of downpour. We need rain so badly. The good news is our neighbors are irrigating and filling up our lake on our property. They let the lake dry up last summer and we were really missing the fishing, and all the birds that made it their home. If all continues well, we'll restock the lake and enjoy some more fishing. The corn, squash, cucumbers and green beans are doing well in the garden. The 3/4 inch rain really made them shoot up. It was their first rain.

Our Kunekune and Idaho Pasture Pigs (IPP), don't have much grass to eat but they love those mesquite beans and hunt around for them. We supplement our pigs with the hay that we grow and bale on our farm and supplement them with a Non GMO feed from Lyssy & Eckel Feed Store out of Poth, Texas. They create us a special blend for our pigs. We are very happy with the quality of feed and the taste of our pork.

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