Kunekunes are a small breed of pig originally from New Zealand and kept by the Maori natives.  Kunekunes are grazers, not foragers like most pigs, and therefore, can live on grass alone. They were named Kunekune (pronounced cooney cooney) which means “fat and round” in Maori.   They were used as a meat pigs and were allowed to roam freely.  An acre of grass can sustain up to 5 Kunekunes. 
The Kunekune pig were imported directly from New Zealand to the United States around 1995, but the population in the United States did not turn around until around 2005 where another breeder imported Kunekunes from Great Britain which helped diversify the gene pool. They are hairy, and range in colors from black & white to ginger, cream, gold, tri-color and everything in between. They have an unusual feature – fleshy tassels on the side of their faces called piri piri; not all have them, but they are common among the breed.  Kunekune pigs are know for their extremely laid back, docile, friendly nature and they love human company and because of their short snouts don't root the ground like long nose pigs.  Kunekune pigs are easy to manage, and can become addictive.  

This is my CD&J Mini Ranch sire Arnold (on Left) and his brother as piglets.  He is a Mahia -Love bore and very friendly.  He loves his snacks and has grown to be a big boy - and the girls love him.

The Kunekune pig is a standardized breed, which means registered Kunekunes are enrolled in a herd book, and should be mated to conform to a written standard.  The Kunekune should have a wide head with a dished face, short snout which becomes more upturned with maturity, My Kunekune pigs are all DNA tested and duel registered with the American Kunekune Pig Society (AKKPS) and American Kunekune Pig Registry (AKPR).


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GGR Mahia Love 3 - Arnold
AKKPS 0026
DOB: 02/22/2013  - Bore
Sire: USA Mahia Love 1
Dam: USA Jenny 22


KCK Te Whangi 4 - George Strait
AKKPS 5346
AKPR 6023
DOB: 04/21/2017  - Bore
Sire: SFK Te Whangi 2
Dam: LSF Rona 2

LSF Rebecca Gina 4/BRF Andrew 12- Petunia
Blk/White with 0 Wattles
AKKPS 2945
DOB: 09/10/2013

GS Wilsons Gina/Tonganui - Pinky
Brown with 2 Wattles
AKKPS 0926
DOB: 10/08/2012

Tapeka 3/Te Whangi - Penelope
Blk/White  with 2 Wattles
AKKPS 0469
DOB: 11/12/2013

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