In 1997 my husband and I   relocated from the  Galveston, Texas area to San Benito, Texas, which is located in deep South Texas of the Rio Grande Valley, close to South Padre Island and Old Mexico.  My husband newly retired and I still working, wanted more than just  jobs, decided to purchase 15 acre about 4 miles down the road from our home.  I have always wanted farm animals and since moving every 2 to 3 years of my life (both my husband and Dad are retired military), I really wanted a piece of property to call my ranch - even a small ranch.  My plan was to raise homesteading animals - smaller animals so it would be easier for me to handle.  I wanted to create a relaxing, simpler life with all my family with lots of animals in it.  

KuneKune Piglets  at CD&J Mini Ranch in San Benito, Texas - Aren't they cute?White Ringneck Doves at CD&J Mini Ranch in San Benito, TexasWe have recently increased our animal numbers by added our South Texas Miniature cattle, additional Registered Nigerian Dwarf goats and Registered and DNA tested KuneKune pigs, along with our Buff Ducks,  Bourbon Red Turkeys, Chickens, Miniature Rex Rabbits, Mediterranean Miniature Donkeys and White Doves. We call my ranch CD&J Mini Ranch, after my families first name initials:  myself - Cynthia; my wonderful husband Dave; and our children Jason, Justin, Crystal & Josh. 

After we added an all weather road, completed the water lines, fenced and cross fenced the 15 acres, we added pig houses,  larger chicken houses, & a larger goat barn.  We also put in a barn for our Miniature Donkeys and cattle.

We now sell all of our animal's offspring including goat kids - bottle babies and weaned, Kunekune Piglets, Rex Rabbit Kits and soon Miniature Calves and Miniature Donkeys. 
Oh, and we have lots of chickens and eggs...

Miniture Rex Rabbits at CD&J Mini Ranch in San Benito, TexasAt CD&J Mini Ranch we believe in God and Jesus's love and guidance.  We also believe that we are sharecroppers for this Great Land of ours - the United States of America.  We purchased this land from someone who loved this property.  After we care for and nurture our land and animals, someone else will purchase it and with God's help will do the same.
It is important to continue to promote the Homesteading Agriculture market with animals that work well on small farms and ranches, instead of large meat making factories. Our family is committed to working towards a higher standard and protecting our animal breeds.  We will produce animals better suited for homesteading pastures, family meals and produce a superior offspring for these heritage breeds.  We are doing the best job possible to care for not only our land but to provide for the well being of our animals, providing a high quality of life while continuing to work on conformity of the breeds. 

I am very  proud to be a part of this ever changing and growing process.

He shall feed his flock like a shepherd: he shall gather the lambs with his arm, and carry them in his bosom, and shall gently lead those that are with young.


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